Monday, September 24, 2012

Zephyr Alpha 0.3

0.3 has arrived, and with it, we can almost move up to the first legit release of Zephyr Alpha (baby steps, people). 0.3 is a big update for a few reasons. Here they are:

  • Tons more terrain to explore. It's not "bigger," but it feels more like a legit map.
  • Enemy AI short-circuit and collapse when killed, which is a bit more difficult now.
  • Offensive AI (took so long to make)! The robots attack you with rocket launchers. Two hits and you die. Good luck.
So there you have it! If you die, the game will just freeze. Exit then. Also, do not play in fullscreen; you will not be able to exit. Be sure to play windowed.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zephyr Alpha 0.2

Zephyr Alpha 0.2 has been released! Hooray! Some of the new features include

  • All sorts of new terrain to explore
  • A realistic sky!
  • Texture fixes!
  • AI!
However, the AI that we have can't attack you yet, so the game has no challenge (the reason this isn't Alpha 1.0). Still, this is a big improvement from the other, just play till you win!

Zelatron 2020 Alpha 0.1

The first phase of Zephry (originally called Zelatron 2020) is up for archived download here. This is the first build. There are no enemies, and the map has fewer features than the current one. There is no way to win.

Download it here!

Zephyr: What is it?

The first build of Zephyr, called Zelatron 2020
Zephyr is a first person shooter being developed by CPainter Studios. Zephyr follows the story of McClain, who has been thrown into a simulation where he will have to fight for his life. Development began September 21, 2012.